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I'd like to present you a demo of Chronicles of Lonvenholm - a free non-linear visual novel with a dash of battle tactics, staged in a fantasy setting with unique semi-realistic graphics. X3 Brothers hobby project.

You can check the progress here www.patreon.com/Keliar (Updated 5/27)

This demo contains one out of four possible origin points for your alter-ego. The prologue serves as a starting immersion/background and lore mini-chapter of the game. The whole story is planned to be around 3-4 chapters of narrative blocks + optional dungeon crawling and treasure hunts.

Now, let's check a list of key points, which we are using as pillars to create CoL:

  • A fantasy setting with different regions and nations, which is not brimming with magic – Check
  • A few planned characters with their own stories and romance options with both genders – Check
  • An advanced dialogue system with consequences and branching – Check
  • Spicy erotic graphics, with THAT DAMNED CG WHICH I CAN'T UNLOCK part – Check
  • A combat system to water down the narrative part with some action – umm, check?
  • Oh crap, it sounds like your generic VN. What makes us unique? I want CoL to be more interactive than other Patreon projects. Though our team is still preparing a foundation for new blocks, we want this game to have a modular structure.

    The main story and characters mini-quest lines will serve as core content, while additional and user-based content will be more DLC-like, both to keep it manageable for us to maintain and keeping your player experience customizable. I mean, some of us don't want to see dinosaurs with lasers in their coal chutes close to our archers.

    What content will be in those user-based packs? Features, characters and mechanics – you name it. Of course, our team will be open for feedback on the main story arc too. So, you can expect many polls about features and the development vector as a whole. Plus, we have some really crazy ideas for the future.

    Well, enough introductions! It's all fine and rosy, but we are just starting out and need your support!Grab the demo, give it a try, post some feedback and consider throwing some bucks our way.

    More information

    Published316 days ago
    StatusIn development
    GenreRole Playing
    Tags2D, novel, Tactical RPG, vn
    Average durationAbout an hour
    AccessibilityOne button

    Install instructions

    Hey, guys! We just launched a Patreon a campaign for our free VN with a dash of battle tactics. Check it out at http://patreon.com/Keliar !


    CoL_v02a.rar (238 MB)

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