A downloadable Genie for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hello! I'm happy to present you a demo of our current project – the suspense novel Genie. It's available for Windows/Mac/*nix systems in Russian and English languages.

As a small group of developers, we decided to make a rather short story, about 3 hours long. The main setting and plot were set pretty fast. Pseudo-Victorian age with a dash of steampunk, it's quite an interesting concept. Plus, you can't ignore the influence from Dishonored title. This is how we came up with Genie.

Without a doubt, some of you had a thought "Where are all the colors?" No, they didn't run from this world and still there for the vast majority of humans.

As you probably already guessed, we decided to make an experiment – to stage our story in a classic pencil environment, styled like book illustrations. All our materials: both actors and backgrounds are based on hand-drawn pictures. It gives a unique solution for Genie's looks and a fresh perspective, tying the viewpoint of our story to a certain minority inside a huge empire.

With this short demo, we want to test our concept with Steam Greenlight and decide our future course of action. Let us know what do you think about the art style and overall concept.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Install instructions

Unpack and launch the executable


Genie-0.1c.zip (59 MB)

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